Environment & Safety

Mother Nature has its own way to maintain a balanced, prosperous and sustainable living world on Earth. However, the technological leap and economic growth of the human society over the past century has become a vital factor to the self-curing capacity of Nature. It not only results in serious environmental problems, but also becomes a crisis to all human beings. The abnormal weather, greenhouse effect, deforestation, increasing large ozone hole, acid rain and extinct species worldwide are only symptoms reflecting the nature of this problem.


In the closing moments of the 20th century, human beings finally understood why the old motto "to conquer the Nature" has to be replaced by "to harmonize with Nature". With this new thinking, the drive for environmental protection and ecological balance has not only become a consensus of the human society but also triggered widespread environmental efforts. The arrival of the new millenium, on the other hand, provides human beings with a new page to record its activities and achievements towards a more sustainable relation with the substances on Earth.

In this process, CSCI Steel understands its role and responsibilities as a material supplier. Therefore, at the beginning of the 21st century, CSCI Steel prepared an environmental report, outlining its environmental experiences and performances in the previous century. With this report, we intend to show the environmental trace of our previous efforts on issues, and to mark the direction for the pursuing of 'Cleaner Production" and Sustainable Development" in the future.